Meet Our Team. 

Meet Our Team. 

When you hire our Stevenage Team to build your next website, you get a lot of talent for a small price. 

Website Design and Development in Hertfordshire and beyond. 

At it'seeze Website Design and Development, we've gathered an experienced team of talented people to make sure that every website we build is top quality, unique and effective.  
When you hire us, you aren't just getting one person. You are getting an entire team. 

Michael Nagles 

Michael Nagles is the face of it'seeze Website Design and Development. It's almost always his voice on the end of the line when you ring, and he's the front man you'll find on your doorstep when you need help. 
As your project manager and primary support contact, Michael brings over 25 years of sales and marketing experience to every website project. 
He built his first website as part of the marketing team of a large national American company in 1995.  
From there his passion for web marketing has continued to grow. 
Michael started his first agency in 2008 and moved that company to Hertfordshire in 2011. In 2019, he moved his business under the it'seeze brand name and brings a wealth of experience to his customers. 
Don't let the accent fool you. Michael is local to you and has a passion for helping his customers succeed. 

Dee Atkins 

Michael might be the front man, but Dee makes it all come together. It's her unenviable job to keep him organised and productive. 
Michael and Dee first met in 2012, and their paths have crossed many times over the years. They have worked on numerous projects together. 
In early 2020 Dee came to Michael for help with her own website. By the time that project was finished, it was obvious that they made a powerful team.  
In August 2020, Dee joined Michael's team.  
She now plays a part in content migration, strategy, marketing and just generally makes sure the trains run on time. Need help with Mailchimp and social media? Dee will get it done. 
"When I grow up, I want to be Queen. In the meantime, I'll enjoy the work I do helping others take over the world."  
Yup. That's our Dee. 

It doesn't end with the front office. 

The support, design and development team behind every website we build is why so many customers choose it'seeze. Their experience and talent have resulted in over 750 Trustpilot reviews with an average rating of 4.9 stars. In the lifetime of an it'seeze website, you might never talk to these team members, but your website success is a direct result of their skill. 

Design Team 

Our Web Designers are the creative force behind your website. Designers create graphics, logos, colour palettes and iconography in a way that tells your story. They combine the graphics with your content to build a website that engages your site visitors. Every it'seeze website is built from scratch (we never use templates), so our designers are essential to our success. 

Development Team 

Our Web Developers are the engineers behind your website. They write the code that makes your website work. As web standards change and evolve, our developers make sure your website always works. They also keep our industry-leading editor up to date, so that you always remain in control of your content. 

Support Team 

The it'seeze Support Team ties it all together. They are the behind-the-scenes force that makes sure everything gets done. They interact with Michael and Dee to facilitate a constantly evolving list of tasks that make sure your website always performs well. 

Get in touch 

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