Keeping your it'seeze website up to date shows site visitors that you're still actively serving customers and builds their confidence in your business. It also benefits your on-site SEO, and will give you better visibility in Google organic search engine results.  
Here are 3 ways you can refresh your content. 

1. Do a new blog post (or get started!) 

We admit it, we're taking our own medicine here. Up until the Covid-19 crisis, we were far more focused on customers than we were our own marketing, including blogs. We've stepped up our game recently, and you should, too. 
There are so many SEO benefits to blogging, and neither of us should waste this opportunity. If you aren't a natural writer, there are some great content writers in Hertfordshire and Cambridgeshire that can help you for a reasonable price. We're happy to make recommendations of people we know and trust. 
An outdated blog can make your website look abandoned, so make sure you're maintaining it. It's not about writing long articles every day. Even one new blog post a month can make a huge impact. 

2. Re-purpose existing blog content. 

You can easily get fresh eyes on your website by tweaking existing content. This post from Databox has 25 tips for updating old blog posts. In the spirit of quick wins, here are 3 we love: 
Add more internal links: Keep site visitors engaged longer by giving them more native content to look at. Link old blog posts to new ones to extend the value of your post. 
Scan for and remove broken links: We can do a website health check that identifies broken links so they can be updated or removed. Those health checks are a good idea anyway, and we do them for you on a regular basis as part of our local support for it'seeze website design customers. 
Insert videos or images: Video continues to be a great way to keep site visitors engaged. It's a simple thing to do on your it'seeze website. Here's how. 

3. Add content relevant to what's happening now. 

Look for reasons to add content or blogs posts that are relevant. For instance: 
Add content that references the time of year, such as Christmas and Summer Holidays.  
Talk about datable milestones, such as local events you are putting on or participating in. 
Be sure to go back from time to time to make sure this content stays current. 
During the Covid-19 crisis, add content letting site visitors know you are still open, or telling them about special operating hours and policies. We've made this easy by giving every it'seeze website a function for adding a pop-up notice. Here is how to add yours. 

Need Help? 

At it'seeze Website Design, you're never alone. If you want help updating your website, let's arrange a website review. We can make content suggestions, provide training, and help make sure that your website never gets stagnant.  
Just contact us to get the ball rolling. 
Feedback or questions? You can comment below, or contact us directly. 
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