If you think blogging for business is either a luxury or a distant dream, it’s time to wake up and smell the Arabica beans. 
Writing a blog about what you do is one of the most cost-effective tools for your business — it’s like adding caffeine to your website traffic stats, Google ranking (search engine optimisation) and general brand awareness. 
However, causing a stir in your industry doesn’t happen by chance; You need a master plan to ensure a maximum return for your blogging for business efforts. Fortunately, our boffins are here to help… 

1. What’s your strategy? 

Writing about the first thing that comes into your head on Monday morning isn’t an effective content strategy. Make a mug of your favourite brew, turn off your phone and sit down for some proper preparation time. 
Have you considered your audience? What problems do your potential clients have? Will you promote your finished blogs via social media or an email campaign? 
Consider the trending topics in your industry and then research the top performing keywords. Create a content calendar and jot down ideas for each month, that way you should have plenty of inspiration for your next blog. 

2. Small, tall or grande? 

Quality and quantity are essential. Successful brands consistently deliver excellent service or products, so don’t disappoint your customers by forgetting to write a new blog. 
Search engines crave new content and will check your website more frequently if you produce regular in-depth, informative blogs containing the relevant keywords. Watch your website traffic increase as your SEO ranking hots up. 
Set deadlines and stick to your timetable, rather than simply uploading slapdash content when you have a spare moment. If you fail to provide your website visitors with the information they need, they’ll head to your competition. 

3. Can you add value? 

Blogging for business can help you build up a loyal following, primarily when you treat your readers as valued customers. Go the extra mile by providing plenty of industry advice and top tips while steering away from those cringe-worthy sales messages. 
Blogs are designed to educate the audience, so always try to tell the reader something new. Why not offer them free downloads, templates or an invite to a webinar? 

4. What is your tone? 

Does your brand have a voice? Do you prefer competent and professional or friendly and approachable? Whatever you choose, the blogs must be structured and written in a style that accurately reflects the values of your business. 
Try not to be predictable and adapt how to present the information to keep your content appearing fresh and engaging. Avoid long sentences and meaningless waffle. Instead, try breaking up your article into sections to make it more digestible for casual readers. 
Search engines like Google are getting more sophisticated every day, so you don’t need to worry about cramming every sentence with keywords. You will be rewarded for writing naturally and using vocabulary your target audience will understand. 

5. Do you have a picture? 

Many people put all their efforts into writing a blog and completely forget about the need for an accompanying image. Research has shown that blog articles that contain images receive nearly twice as many views than words alone, so source photos, video clips or attractive infographics. 
Please remember to use your own imagery or purchase copyright-free material from a stock photo library. The penalties for a breach of copyright can run into many thousands of pounds. 

How we can help 

At it'seeze Website Design, we've got all the tools you need for successful blogging. Our Content Management System system makes it easy to add content. We even give you a supply of stock images with the rights to use on your website. 
And, if writing copy isn't your cup of coffee, we can event help with content writers who know how to tell your stories. 

Need Help? 

At it'seeze Website Design, you're never alone. If you want help updating your website, let's arrange a website review. We can make content suggestions, provide training, and help make sure that your website never gets stagnant.  
Just contact us to get the ball rolling. 
Feedback or questions? You can comment below, or contact us directly. 
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