A website we created for Rosebud Nanny Agency - which matches nannies to families - is now fully functional, easy-to-navigate, and secure. 

The Client: 

Rosebud is a professional nanny agency that matches the right nannies to the right families in Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire, and South Cambridgeshire, ensuring their values are in line. 
Owner and former nanny, Abigail Plested’s aim is to ensure parents feel in control but are guided every step of the way when it comes to hiring, and to also make the job swapping process easy and smooth for nannies themselves. 

The Problem 

Rosebud Nanny Agency’s former WordPress based website had the aesthetic Abi wanted, but it wasn’t functioning how it should be. Abi didn’t have the access she needed to update it, instead sending any changes to a third party - something which is frustrating and time-wasting. Plus, any good site editor would know that to get your site ranking on Google, it needs to be updated regularly, but this wasn’t an option for Abi before. 
A lack of updates wasn’t the only thing harming the site’s SEO value. With no optimisation or SSL certificate that proves your website is secure, the website just wasn’t getting the traffic it deserved. 
When it did receive hits, people were often directed to broken web pages and those that were still in action weren’t displaying correctly on mobile phones. This is really problematic because mobile-friendly sites show up higher in search results. Plus, more than half of all searches on Google are made by people on their phones and if it isn’t mobile-friendly then visitors are FIVE times more likely to make a swift exit. Ouch. 
On top of these functionality issues, Abi’s site was also not secure - it was actually hacked twice in under a year. Nor was it GDPR-compliant, so it was missing its privacy and cookie policy, which are essential. 
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The difficulties were endless. The site lacked a functional jobs board to keep potential nannies informed of families in need. The one she did have was difficult to update, hard to search, and disorganised. 
In essence, Abi’s former website was not reflecting Rosebud as the slick, professional agency it is. 

The Solution: 

We built Abi a new website on our Max package
Abi heard about it’seeze through a mutual friend and was soon in touch with Michael, the director of it’seeze Web Design Stevenage. 
Michael then met Abi in person to discuss her needs for the new website, so that he could get a feel for the look she was striving for, but also advise her on the functions she needed to make her website practical and searchable. 
Once sure he knew what outcome was desired, Michael set to work on the tech side of things, building Abi’s website on a new site editor, and using a custom design by it’seeze. The it'seeze website editor has been formulated to be hassle-free and user-friendly so that further down the line, clients like Abi have no problem updating their own website efficiently, with local support on hand just in case. 

 The Result 

The Rosebud Nanny Agency website is now a platform that reflects Abi’s competent business, that is both helpful to her and users. 
Whenever Abi wants to edit her website she can now do so quickly. We’ve made it easier for nannies too, by building a new engine for job listings so that those searching for a new role can filter jobs speedily. It is neat, organised, and helpful to nannies who may be short on time. 
The website in general has been tidied up and made more functional. We built new platforms for Abi’s helpful and informative articles and recipe ideas and made them SEO-friendly with optimised page titles and keyword tagging. It’s important because it helps a website to rank better in Google and Bing and you need to be seen on those search engines to help draw in more business. 
It’s not the only way we’ve encouraged users to visit Abi’s site though. By installing an SSL certificate, people know the website is safe and encrypted. In future, Google will start flagging websites as ‘unsafe’ without this feature installed - so you can think of it as a digital passport that means you’ve got a stamp of approval to be online. 
We had to ensure that not only was the site drawing in more traffic, that it was compliant too. Back in 2018, laws changed around GDPR and sites are now required to meet security rules to protect users. This means incorporating a variety of components including an opt-in cookie check box, a privacy policy, as well as a box to ask individuals for consent to publish their name alongside blog comments. It also asks you to ensure your website doesn’t store unnecessary data of individuals. We expertly whipped her site into lawful shape. 
Now Rosebud is a compliant, user-friendly, and helpful website that looks great on both desktop and mobile and turns visitors into customers. The addition of a testimonials page that ties to the Facebook reviews, brings swift peace of mind to both nannies and parents that they’re in good hands. This will no doubt bring in more business for Abi - something that will be especially helpful once the Covid-19 pandemic is over. 
You can view the new website at: www.rosebudnannyagency.co.uk 

Follow Up 

Post-launch, Michael continued to work with Abi to tweak and refine her new website. 
As Abi wanted to be able to edit her website without help, Michael gave her a series of basic training tutorials that she could use to learn the it'seeze editor at her own pace. 
Michael then scheduled an advanced training session to show her how to maximise her use of the editor to consistently add new content to her website. 
Abi came to us when coronavirus started to impact her business. We quickly helped her add relevant content that would advise nannies and families easily, reinforcing the quality of the services she provides.  


Abi gave us a 5 star rating on Trustpilot. You can see all of our reviews on our Trustpilot profile
"Michael has been a pleasure to deal with! 
He's been professional, polite and friendly at all times. Listened to my brief, delivered the site to my spec and with no hidden costs or extras. He's been quick to respond at all times and I love my website. Highly recommend Michael at it'seeze - thanks so much for all your help." 

Need Help? 

At it'seeze Website Design, you're never alone. If you want help updating your website, let's arrange a website review. We can make content suggestions, provide training, and help make sure that your website never gets stagnant.  
Just contact us to get the ball rolling. 
Feedback or questions? You can comment below, or contact us directly. 
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