An expertly designed website that has been developed for mobile and looks fresh is just one half of the picture. Without clever impactful copy, it doesn’t matter how brilliant it looks, your website is going to fall short. 
It happens all too often. itseeze takes on a new client, whips up a sparkling new website design, but then there’s no copy to place on the pages. Cue: hold ups. 
You can of course, write the web content yourself. After all, who knows your business better than you? Oddly enough though, sometimes being too close to your business can mean you’re less able to do it justice. You’re so focussed on shouting about absolutely everything you offer, why you are brilliant and definitely the person for the job, that you forget web copy should be about the customer. Or you might be the other type of person. So modest, you’re embarrassed to boast about your business offerings. 
That’s where content writers and copywriters come into play. Hire one and they’ll work with you to identify your business aims and key messages and research your industry and competitors. This will enable them to present your business in the most effective way possible. 

Six reasons you should hire an experienced content writer 

1. They can objectively identify what customers care about 

Because they don’t work for you, they can objectively draw on all your strengths. They won’t mention everything you’re good at, instead, they’ll choose the skills they think need shouting about and will benefit the customer most. They might also choose the skills that simply translate best on the page. Remember, they’ve researched your competitors, so they know what works and doesn’t. If a customer cares and their interest is sparked, they’ll spend money with you. 

2. They grab attention 

What you likely could explain in ten lines, a decent content writer could write in two. Scientists have found people often click away from a website within 10-20 seconds. You have just a few lines to grab their attention, so hiring an expert who can do this might bring you better return on investment. 

3. Benefits, benefits, benefits 

A content writer will first identify why you’re great at what you do, but through copy they’ll explain what a client will gain by working with you. All those skills and qualifications? It means you’re experienced and knowledgable. For the customer, the benefits are that you’ll finish the job quickly, save them time and in the long run, money too. 
For example, a copywriter would explain that getting experts like It’seeze to construct a website for you will save you time and hassle. They’d explain hiring a web designer means when you come unstuck, you can go to them for help with fixes. Plus, an aesthetically pleasing and professional website will draw in customers and therefore bring you further profits. 

4. They’ll enhance your reputation 

At itseeze, we use content writers frequently, so call us biased. But a website riddled with spelling errors and grammatical mistakes is really off-putting. Imagine how many people across the world would simply click away from your business just because you used an apostrophe incorrectly. There’s nothing worse than a ‘your’ where there should be a ‘you’re’. If spelling isn’t your forté, hire someone who can write for you. You’ll feel confident your website is error-free. In turn, it’ll fill customers with confidence, build your reputation as a professional and you won’t be unknowingly losing business and profits. 

5. They’ll save you time 

If you run a business, you’re likely time-poor, what with the networking, client meetings and managing you’ve got on your plate. Sometimes, it’s easier to stick to what you know and delegate the rest. If you were the owner of an IT company and your boiler broke at home you wouldn’t fix it yourself. 
Yes, you’re capable of stringing a sentence together, but if you’re not a confident writer, you’ll end up agonising over website copy for weeks. You could’ve spent that time bringing in new business to increase profits for the month. It is an outlay, but a well written website will attract more clients, bring a ROI and keep you free to do what you’re good at. 

6. They drive traffic to your website 

Typical content writers don’t know absolutely everything about search engine optimisation (SEO), for that, you’ll need an SEO expert. However, content writers should at least know the basic principles of driving traffic. 
Previously, Google ranked websites higher if they were crammed full of key words. Now, Google still likes those key words, but not a website that’s stuffed full of them in random places. It actually prefers a well written, not too technical website that is helpful and informative, something that comes easily to an experienced web copywriter. 
It also prioritises those sites with suitable headings that relate directly to the content, something a content writer will craft carefully. Other SEO factors include inbound and outbound links that are helpful to the reader. 
A good content writer is aware of these SEO points and will produce copy that flows and answers vital questions, but will still be aware of key word and hyperlink placements. But traffic is also driven by other factors. A logical design which helps the reader navigate around the website. SSL certificates and individual page encryptions are also helpful. It’s this combination of considered copy and design that drives traffic. itseeze can help boost your SEO rankings alongside a copywriter. 

How to write your own content 

Brilliant content writers are an asset, but if you’re confident in your writing and your cash flow isn’t high, there’s no reason why you can’t give it a go yourself. 
Lauren, from Lauren Bell Copywriting told us: “Always remember your website needs to be about your customer, not yourself. 
“Remember to explain how your skills benefit them, rather than list all your qualifications otherwise they’ll be exiting your site within seconds. 
“Lastly, try not to bore your reader with jargon, unless it’s appropriate and your target audience will fully understand technical terms, acronyms and qualification names.” 

Where to hire content writers 

If you need help with copy, we’re always happy to recommend some key players in the industry. We work closely with content writers to ensure the website design and copy fit seamlessly together. We'll help you find a talented content writer whose services match the scale of your project and your budget. 
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