Keeping your website up to date is easy with the it'seeze Website Editor. This basic training tutorial will help you get started. 

You're in control. 

One reason so many people choose it'seeze Website Design is our custom-built website editor. This Content Management System gives you everything you need to keep your website content up to date and dynamic. 

You're never alone. 

Being in control doesn't mean being alone. At it'seeze we provide you with ongoing local support. This includes personalized, detailed training to help you maintain your website.  

 Getting started. 

Our basic training course covers nine simple functions of the website editor. Familiarizing yourself with these functions ahead of our advanced training session will give you the foundations needed to begin maintaining your website.  
The course covers: 
Logging into your it'seeze website.*  
Creating new pages 
Adding, deleting, and copying options 
Adding and editing text 
Creating and removing links 
Adding and editing images 
Adding columns 
Moving options 
Using the SEO panel 
*You will get your login details after completing the advanced training session
To begin the course, just click Start. You can pause and re-start the course at your own pace. Note that this training should be done on either a desktop or laptop, not on a mobile device. 
the it'seeze basic training course

What's next? 

After you complete the basic training session, let's get a personalized advanced training session scheduled. This is included with every website. The advanced session will focus on your specific website and help you learn how to maintain elements that are part of your unique design. 
Feedback or questions? You can comment below, or contact us directly. 
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