At It’seeze Website Design Stevenage, we are dedicated to creating high-quality, affordable and easy to use websites for businesses of any size. We also offer continued support to businesses once their website is finished, this could be for technical questions about how to actually work the website; however, it could also be for effective ways to generate traffic. 
It can be difficult to know exactly what you should be doing once your website is complete but simply having a, “build it and they will come attitude,” won’t cut it. You need to be actively engaging with your audience and creating content if you are hoping to increase the amount of people who visit your site. 
This article will discuss some of the best steps you can take as a means to ensure that you are generating as much traffic as you possibly can. 


Blogging is an incredibly effective way to generate traffic to your site as it gives you a chance to pre-emptively answer questions that prospective customers may have, as well as establish yourself as an expert in your field and set yourself up as a voice of authority. 
When you are blogging frequently, you are increasing the likelihood of people visiting your website. This is because if you are including specific keywords in your blogs and also engaging with link building, you will rank higher on Google so more people will go to your site. 
Tip If your it'seeze website is on our Max or Shop platform, we can easily add a blog at no extra charge. Just contact us for help. 

Email Marketing 

If you have something on your site that allows people to sign up to receive emails from you, then using those emails to promote your business can be incredibly effective. It’s very easy to measure the effectiveness of your email campaigns and they’re also really low cost and easy to put together. 
There is a lot of variety that comes with email marketing as well, as what you send can cover a range of different subjects, whether this is an update on your business, new products, a sale or simply a write up relevant to your industry. If you produce content your customers will genuinely want to read, then you are improving the chances of retaining customers. 
Tip: This video shows you how to easily integrate MailChimp into your website for easy email marketing. 

Google Analytics 

The internet is a very effective means of marketing but in order to prepare your marketing strategies and learn from them, you need to know where your visitors are coming from. Keeping an eye on Google Analytics is the best way to do this. 
There are lots of different reports available on Google Analytics and these can tell you where your visitors found out about you, what they visited on your site and where they’re from. This can be very effective when it comes to promoting yourself in the future. 
Tip: We always add Google Analytics (and Google Search Console) to every new website. If you would like access to the data these tools provide please contact us. 

Google Search Console 

A lot of people use the internet for their online shopping and to look for services now, to the point that if your site is slow, they will have little patience for waiting for it to work. As such, any issues you have need to be resolved so that everything loads and works efficiently. Google Search Console can provide that support for you, as well as further information pertaining to hackers and malware that you will need to be vigilant of. 

Google Ads 

Online ads are incredibly useful, and Google Ads are some of the most effective for driving business to your site. Not only are they seen by a lot of people, but they can also be targeted towards those who are actively looking for and interested in your industry. 
A lot of the work you do will be to try and rank highly on Google, whereas with Google Ads, you can put yourself at the top of searches without investing the amount of time you will do for SEO practices. 

SEO ‘On-Page’ Optimisation 

Of course, ranking organically highly on Google is very effective as well, which is why optimising your web pages so that they will rank is good practice. You can do this with on-page optimisation, which is where using specific keywords on your web pages, whether these are quite general or localised, if done right, will help you climb Google to the very top. 
Tip: This video shows how to set and amend the on-page SEO on your it'seeze website. 

Social Media / Social Media Ads 

Given the amount of people who use social media, advertising your business on these platforms is very effective for promoting what you have to offer. You can post regular content and generate followers naturally, or you can pay for ads, which are much quicker and more effective.  
Different platforms include: 


Facebook is one of the most visited sites in the world averaging 2.89 billion users every month. Actively engaging with the site can be great for your promotion and paying for ads is also a very effective way of getting customers. 


LinkedIn is a great site to use if you are hoping to network with other businesses as it has some of the best B2B stats out of all social medias. 


Similar to Facebook, Twitter is used frequently by people all over the world and is a good way for you to speak directly to potential customers. You will also be able to share blog posts on Twitter and answer questions that customers have about what you offer. 


If what you offer is much more visual, Instagram is certainly one of the best places to promote yourself. You will be able to reach a variety of new customers, stay connected with them and also make sales directly from the app. 


This is also a great site to use if what you offer is visual. Pinterest is very effective when it comes to showcasing your products and services. You can also feature your blogs and videos here. 


Despite popular opinion, TikTok is more than just a platform for dance tutorials and mouthing the words to songs. With TikTok, you have a huge audience that are looking for fun, creative and authentic content. As such, there are a number of small businesses who will create and promote themselves there. 

Create Video Content 

Video content is a very effective way to promote what your business has to offer. You can condense a lot of information into a short amount of time and also give visual demonstrations on what it is you offer. 
People are also quicker to engage with video content because it is much easier to digest than written content. 


Once you have had launched your new it'seeze website, there is a lot you can do to ensure it is running efficiently and to get more people looking at your site. That being said, it can be tough knowing exactly what you should be doing, though the above is helpful, having access to continued support will be invaluable. 

Need Help? 

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