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A good contact page tells your audience where to find you. But it is more than just listing your email address, telephone number, and address. The contact page ranks highly in terms of a website's traffic so you need to make sure it offers your audience something that will not only keep them interested in your website but also something to keep them interested in talking to you. The best contact pages are those that enhance the customers’ experience of the company, seeking to resolve any questions efficiently and effectively. 
Everyone is busy and we, as a society, need things done quickly or we lose interest and look for other solutions. It is your job to make the customers’ journey as hassle-free as possible. There is little more frustrating than scouring the web to find a way to contact a company. If your audience has to click more than one button to find your contact information, you’ve failed. We live in a world where we have become accustomed to instant gratification. Spending valuable time searching isn’t acceptable and can be enough to push a customer to a competitor’s website. It is imperative to keep potential customers engaged and excited about you and what you do. 
No matter your industry, there is always another option just a few clicks away. Keep your potential customers from investigating other options with these tips for the perfect contact page. 

1. Make the page easy to find 

Your customers and potential customers are busy people. Don’t make their search for information harder than it needs to be. Present your contact call to action where they can clearly see it. Opt for a pop-up or a chatbot to let them know that you are there to help as they are browsing.  
Additionally, your contact page should have a place on the main navigation menu. It would usually appear far right of your navigation bar. We've taken the additional step of highlighting ours in orange to draw your eyes to it. 
editing your contact page

2. Know what your audience wants 

An important part of creating the perfect contact page for your business is understanding your customers’ needs. There are many reasons a potential or current customer may wish to contact you. Knowing your customers will enable you to design a flawless contact experience. For most businesses, all that will be required is your standard contact information. 
Use a clear call to action so there is no question in the visitor’s mind that their enquiry is going to the right place. This is particularly crucial if your organisation has a larger service offering. 

3. Include as much information as possible 

Any contact page seeks to satisfy every customer. All methods of contact should appear on your contact page. Where appropriate, internal links should be added. Some people will happily fill out a contact form rather than speak to someone. Others like human interaction. 
If they have the option to call, let them know and use a click to call link; remember, the likelihood is they are on a mobile device. Other things to include are a map, links to resources that may be of use and your postal address if appropriate. 
Making this process as easy as possible will ensure higher levels of contact. 

4. Design, Design, Design! 

Often a contact page is overlooked when it comes to design, choosing function over what it looks like. The temptation to list information should be avoided, instead opting for a visually pleasing page. A contact page should be clear and concise, so all the information is right at your visitors’ fingertips. If your audience is visually pleased, they are more likely to consider more ways to contact you and stay on your website for longer. 
contact page tips

5. Make it mobile friendly 

It is essential that your contact page is mobile friendly. More people than ever before are looking at your website from a mobile device. 
With more than half of web traffic across all demographics being mobile, most people are seeking information on the go. A contact form that doesn’t work on a mobile device screams outdated. According to the Ericsson Mobility Report the mobile trend is predicted to increase by a further 25% by 2025. No one likes to have to manually resize the screen or write down telephone numbers. 
mobile contact pages
So, these are five ways to make your contact page stand out and keep your existing and potential customers coming back for more. The key is making their customer journey as pleasant as possible. This is why it’s so important that you work with a website partner who specialises in designing a website unique to your requirements

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