Like most of the world, we've made extensive use of the Zoom online video call platform during the Coronavirus crisis. While we're looking forward to a day when things return to normal, Zoom will almost certainly remain a part of our routine way of doing business.  

Why we like ZOOM 

Zoom just fits our style. Here are just a few reasons we like it: 
Free for attendees: Our customers can attend meetings without paying a fee. 
Easy Setup: A few clicks, and you're ready to go. 
Works on every device: Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android all have great compatibility. You can join a meeting on your mobile, tablet, PC, or Mac. 
Constantly improving: Zoom Security issues got some bad press during the early days of the lockdown. We like that they responded quickly and are always improving. It reminds us a lot of ourselves! 

How to Join a Zoom Meeting 

If you've never joined a Zoom call before, this quick video will show you the basics. It's all you really need to know to attend a meeting when someone else is hosting. 
Feedback or questions? You can comment below, or contact us directly. 
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